Horseback Riding Lessons and Training

About Me

I have been teaching horseback riding lessons to beginner and advanced children and adults for over 25 years.  I started riding lessons myself when I was a fifth-grader and worked my way up from the 4-H show circuit to Arabian Youth Nationals, learning from several different trainers and instructors, and as a client and apprentice to Sally Randle of  Randle Performance Horses.  My background in 4-H as a youth taught me an emphasis on safety and thoroughness, and gave me a wide range of skills that I was able to expand upon with each new instructor.   My own show experience has been primarily in the disciplines of Hunter and Country English Pleasure and Equitation on the Arabian circuit through the Regional, then National level, but I have at least some experience in most disciplines.  Although I no longer do the "big" shows, except in rare occasions, I have helped many clients over the years move into the showring successfully, and I do currently take students to local shows in the summer. 

I believe a well-trained horse should be, above all, safe, and attuned to subtle cues of the seat, leg, and hands.  I began training horses at the age of 13, working under Cindy Arellanas, Anne Judge, and Sally Randle, and began starting horses at the age of 16.  I have started countless youngsters as well as older rescues and mustangs, patiently moving each horse to the place they needed to be to find just the right job in life.  Often, changing disciplines or just a state of mind for horse or rider opens all kinds of doors and enables a horse and rider to make tremendous growth.  I have worked with Arabians, Saddlebreds, Morgans, Freisians, Mustangs, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Drafts, and many others.

I'd be happy to do a free consultation with you and your horse.  References available